A Few Simple Steps

Your Trooroom makes browsing and uploading more visual, expressive and simple.

Trooroom is an avatar driven social web tool that provides you with a personal room to collect and exhibit anything in one unique accessible place that represents your reality.

• Create an avatar that represents the “troo” you
• Choose a 3D environment of your choice
• Personalise your Trooroom with URL’s and images
• Share your Trooroom using a URL
• Browse yours and other users Troorooms


A step by step guide to your Trooroom adventure:

Getting Started 

1. Create and customise your avatar with different hair, clothes and features.

2. You can choose a website you want to link your room to. If your unsure at the moment you can always do this manually for each wall later.


3. Choose from our selection of themes for your room to give it the vibe you want. There is something for everyone.


4. You can then name your room and categorize it, as well as writing a brief description for it. After that your ready to enter your room.


5. After that you can edit each wall individually, there is an option for simple or advanced wall placement.



Now your ready to start interacting with other Trooroom users. Below is a guide on how to manouvere around Trooroom so you can get on your way.

On the move


Now you’ve made your room and you know how to navigate. Did you also know that you can create and join groups to stay in close contact with your friends and keep an eye on their Troorooms. You can even travel through Trooroom as a group!

Groups in Trooroom



Your now ready to become part of the Trooroom community, use your personal room to display what you want and remember to Stay Troo!



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